The Easy Listening Sounds of World Racketeering Squad

by World Racketeering Squad

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released September 17, 2011

World Racketeering Squad is

Reed Oliver vocals
Isaac Priestley guitar, bass guitar, vocals, keyboards, drum programming

Rich Restaino lead guitar on “Water Into Wine”
Roz Mandola, Sara Shansky backing vocals on “Water Into Wine”, “Dreams of Svengali”
Megan Thompson backing vocals on “Dreams of Svengali”

All songs composed by Oliver/Priestley.

Produced by World Racketeering Squad. Recorded and engineered by Bruce Chandler. Mixed by Mike Propst.

Mastered by Jonny_Dub.

Cover illustrations and design by Isaac Priestley.

Copyright 2011 by World Racketeering Squad.

Released under Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.




World Racketeering Squad Austin

World Racketeering Squad plays nerdwave rock and roll--Devo jamming with the Stones on the Millennium Falcon with Doctor Who playing bass.

Reed Oliver
Isaac Priestley

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Track Name: Water Into Wine
Since I was a hebejebe,
I seen signs on the TV,
Reach for that American star.

'Cause I might last longer,
If my aftershave were stronger,
And I drove an even faster car.

But my folks get older,
And I feel a little colder,
When I'm chanting for the US of A.

Got me standing all alone,
Hundred numbers in my phone,
Something's gotta get me through today.

Well you looked so fine
Turning water into wine,
But all it ever got us was drunk.
Now I'm looking for a daughter,
To turn wine into water again.
Wine into water again.

When I last got saved,
Pulled myself out of my grave,
To the land of empty bottles and change.

With my last check gone,
In the painful light of dawn,
Nothing left to me but more of the same.

Thought a man full grown,
Had to make it on his own,
Drown his troubles with whatever's at hand.

Till the last cup falls,
And my lovin' angel calls,
Cause together we can make that stand!


Oh, cool water flows.
Wine into water again.