Live at Holy Mountain New Years Day 2013​-​01​-​01

by World Racketeering Squad

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Live at Holy Mountain, Tuesday, January 1, 2013.


released January 3, 2013

Reed Oliver: vocals
Isaac Priestley: guitar, vocals
Hunter Stanford: bass guitar
Aaron Bromberg: drums

Holy Mountain sound by Steve Gambler.




World Racketeering Squad Austin

World Racketeering Squad plays nerdwave rock and roll--Devo jamming with the Stones on the Millennium Falcon with Doctor Who playing bass.

Reed Oliver
Isaac Priestley

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Track Name: Seventeen Again
Shining like a diamond as I strut down the hall,
Jump back quickly or you’re taking a fall,
Got a sea of faces and they all know my name,
Can’t keep up with me you’re taking the blame,
Ride that rocket,
I’m high above the ground,
Never coming down.

Everybody bragging how they’re tougher than pain,
Dumb dumb chatter ‘bout to drive me insane,
Can’t quite figure what my future is,
All I know’s it’ll be better than this.
One year longer,
Till I get away,
Praying for the day.

And I’m flying to the moon on a patchwork balloon,
Everybody’s saying “Hey clean robo, get out of my way!”
Got a thunderbolt of wonder growing under my skin,
That’s what I get for being seventeen again,
That’s what I get for being seventeen again,

Look for Ryan’s Nissan in the usual spot,
Searching for my courage in the parking lot,
Has it been three years since I last said her name,
Duck, run for cover and pretend it’s a game.
Don’t fight think it,
Cause I’m not like them,
Bell rings again.
Track Name: Electromagnetic Pulse
Watch what you wish for baby,
You don't want me around.
I'll zero out your hard drive,
a click it's only sound.

Your phone's a pretty toy,
Till I turn out the lights.
But you don't need all that,
to feel my world tonight.


Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!
I'm dangerous
My electromagnetic pulse

You know that I'm in charge,
But keep your radio,
An angry static burst,
is all the future knows.

Your well-connected lifestyle,
Will crumble at my touch.
And you had best start running
If it's gonna be too much.


The neon daggers pierce you from every side,
But with one mighty pulse, they all fall away,
Leaving you naked, in the dark.


Take this sweet injection
Embrace your fate
Now that you've crossed the threshold,
you know it is too late.

You feel my power rising,
the tingling in your toes.
The beating of my pulse,
Is everything you know.

Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!
I'm dangerous
Track Name: Comet Tom
Ground control to Freedom,
We see an object on a near-earth vector,
Request investigation,
Since this thing is so clearly

What are you seeing up there?
And should the planet beware?
Can we expect a show?
And where should we go?

Ground control, you listening?
We’ve been exploring this with all our sensors,
Tentative deduction:
It’s one of ours we thought was lost forever.

The crew is hailing it now,
Is he alive? If so how?
Getting transmission, going live,
We’ll see what’s arrived.

I can’t escape velocity,
Though this inertia still might be the
death of me,
My parabolic orbit,
Brought me round the sun in forty years,
Major Tom is finally here.

Years of spinning in the deep,
Praying that I was asleep,
Vacuum wouldn’t take my life,
Fading picture of my wife,

We read you loud and clear Major,
Do you have jets to steer Major?
If you can’t turn,
Then we can’t catch you.

You can’t escape velocity,
Though this inertia still might be the death of me,
And I’ve gone nearly mad,
Listening to the music of the spheres,
Major Tom is finally here.

Ground control reporting,
You’ve heard the news about our calculations,
Major Tom responding,
Why is there nothing new in any nation?

What happened to the proud cries,
That took man up to the skies?
The dream of every young man,
I don’t understand.

I can’t escape velocity,
Though this inertia still might be the death of me,
And I’ll be seeing you,
Through the cold distortions of my tears,
Major Tom clear.